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Cardio Diagnostics

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Cardio Diagnostics is a medical technology company which aims to empower you to take control of your heart health. Their vision is to transform the medical care for heart disease from reactive to proactive. They believe that prevention and early detection of heart disease should be the norm, and that their epigenetics-based technologies driven by artificial intelligence will unlock a new era of highly accessible Precision Cardiovascular Medicine. They are leading this change through their innovative technologies and strategic collaborations that enable better health outcomes for all patients. To that end, they have developed the first artificial intelligence-driven DNA biomarker testing technology that profiles both genetic and epigenetic biomarkers. This NextGen Precision Medicine approach encourages the prevention and early detection of heart disease. Their first product that incorporates this technology is an at-home clinical test for better heart attack risk screening for both men and women. They are also incorporating this patent-pending technology into a series of products that can identify those at risk for stroke, heart failure and other cardiovascular related disease.

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